Experience the magic of the metaverse

Metaverse is the most hipped technology in today’s I.T. market but unfortunately; is also the most misunderstood concept. We have a team of high quality designers and developers who are capable of taking up and Metaverse project weather it is decentralised or private. We understand the business model first and provide our consultancy how Metaverse can be useful for any business. Internet is changing and it is moving towards a more immersive and connected way of accessing the content that is why it is called WEB 3.0. We understand the changing technology well and help people adopt it in a smooth manner without hampering their current business process.

Metaverse application development

As a Web 3.0organization, we build applications that can be a part of your business idea and make up your Metaverse. We are experts in technologies like blockchainAI, and AR/VR, our team develops Metaverse applications that are not only user-friendly but secure and future proof.

Metaverse real estate development

Real-estate in virtual world is a hot cake these days. It is more profitable to have a property in Metaverse than the real world. We take up real estate projects in Metaverse and develop them so that you can either use it for your own or can sell it to the interested buyers. You can buy land in virtual world and can get a project developed on it. Be it the creation of NFT for land or launch of exciting themes, we launch your real estate Metaverse using new age technologies as per your business requirements.

Metaverse game development

It is said that the fist industry to adopt Metaverse is Gaming industry as they adopted immersive technologies faster than anyone else. Aghor Technologies offers innovative Metaverse game development services, like game development to help your business ride the next wave of gaming. With a team of professionals in blockchain and other leading technologies, we help you build an incredible gaming platform that is not only a visual treat but also a 100% hassle-free experience for your users.

NFT marketplace development

NFTs have been centre of attraction lately. More and more people are investing in digital assets. We help your business launch your NFT marketplace. NFTs can be in form of many entities like avatars, digital lands or any other element of the virtual world, we create the trading platform for you and you are good to go in market with an attractive platform. 

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